Need a Passport in Dallas? The Secret Spot with No Lines!

I posted this a couple years ago on my Yelp page but I thought it would be a good idea to share my secret on the Avion Addiction blog. Many of you are good to go with your well-worn passports but if you are a newbie out there and need to get a passport for the first time, the Dallas County Clerk’s office is the best place in the D/FW area to get your passport. They won’t be of assistance if you need your passport ASAP for an emergency but if you can wait a few weeks, this place works great!

I was is my mid-twenties before I got my first passport so I was a little behind the curve. But hey, when I was a kid, you didn’t need a passport for much of North America!

When I went to go apply for my first passport, I’d heard horror stories about getting passports processed at the post office and already feared the worst. I actually called multiple post offices several times to make an appointment yet nobody ever answered the phone. I called the Dallas County Clerk passport office and they answered immediately. They don’t take appointments so the service is first come, first served. I stopped by the day before at lunch time to peek in at the crowds and there were only a couple people in line. I decided to come in the next morning right at opening. We got there early, before they opened, expecting a line to start forming. There ended up being only one other person there who arrived shortly after us. They opened the doors promptly at 8:30 am and were very courteous. I’ve read in the Dallas Observer that they only employ senior employees at this office so they know their stuff well. They explained all the regulations clearly and processed my application promptly. Everything went as smoothly as possible!

Just a few pointers before you go:

-The passport office is located inside the Earl Cabell Federal Building on the first floor. Parking is very expensive in the garage so try to park at a meter on the street.

-They only accept CASH for the $25.00 execution fee and only accept CHECKS for the passport fees that are paid to the U.S. Dept of State. Bring both to be sure.

-Arrive early to avoid the crowds. Crowds build up as the day progresses. They do not make appointments at this location.

-This is NOT the U.S. Passport Agency, they are located down the street at 1100 Commerce St. That is the location for passports needed immediately.

I had my passport issued in exactly 2 weeks. I couldn’t have imagined such a smooth process!