Add Global Impact to your Next Vacation with Boomerang Communities

We all love to travel and many of often get caught up in the “game” of points and miles that sometimes forget there are ways that our hobby can help others. You could stick to the vanilla route and donate some airlines miles.  Or you can take your travel passion around the globe and have a direct impact helping others by joining organizations like Boomerang Communities.

A new Indiegogo campaign launched this week for Boomerang Communities, an organization that combines a passion for travel and helping communities around the globe. Boomerang Communities is to build local groups of members in cities to foster ideas and travel together on Vision Trips with 8-10 members. Vision Trips seek volunteers with skill sets that are well-suited for the tasks and projects of the volunteers projects. The trips are a few weeks in length so even as a busy working professional, the opportunity is palatable for your schedule.

Below is a description of the first Boomerang Communities first Vision trip of 2015.


When: Saturday, February 21, 2015 – Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What: Support Hammock Boutique, a recently certified B-corp, and its non-profit arm, Cielo Foundation in the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. Both organizations are working to improve socio-economic development for Mayan families, who are mostly illiterate, and living in poor conditions.