4.4 CPM+ – Delta/American – #FlightDeal or #MileageRun – PBI to SFO (And Reverse) – October 2014 – $280 R/T

A great weekday transcontinental fare between West Palm Beach and San Francisco. Available in both directions on Delta and American, depending on the date/direction.  Same-day turnaround available for you mileage runners. Sample dates below:

West Palm Beach to San Francisco:

Sample Departure Date: Oct 3, 2014

Sample Return Date: Oct 3, 2014 (Redeye, Arrives Oct 4)

Airline: Delta

CPM: 4.4 CPM

Total Base Mileage Earned: 6,322 miles


Total Roundtrip Fare: $280

pb-sfo oct 3


San Francisco to West Palm Beach:

Sample Departure Date: Oct 1, 2014

Sample Return Date: Oct 7, 2014 

Airline: American

CPM: 5.4 CPM

Total Base Mileage Earned: 5,122 miles


Total Roundtrip Fare: $280


sfo-pbi oct 1

Interested in Beijing? 4.8 CPM – Delta – #MileageRun – ORD to PEK – November 2014 – $663 R/T

Great fare to Beijing  in late November 2014 from Chicago. Limited availability in latter half of November. Slightly higher fares available in proceeding weeks. This one won’t last!

Chicago to Beijing:

Sample Departure Date: Sun, Nov 23, 2014

Sample Return Date: Thu, Nov 27, 2014

Airline: Delta

CPM: 4.8 CPM

Total Base Mileage Earned: 13,690 miles


Total Roundtrip Fare: $664