Seattle to Baltimore – Delta- #FlightDeal or Weekday #MileageRun – Nov 2014 – $268 R/T – 4.8 CPM – #SkyTeam

Not everyone is able to do weekday mileage runs due to their work schedule, but if you are, here’s an easy one that only eats up one full day since the outbound segment is a redeye. Not much flexibility on dates if you’re seeking the lowest fare possibility.

Sample Departure Date: Tue, Nov 18, 2014

Sample Return Date: Wed, Nov 19, 2014 (redeye, no hotel stay needed)

Airline: Delta

CPM:  4.8 CPM 

Total Base Mileage Earned: 5,506 CPM


Total Roundtrip Fare: $268


Seattle Baltimore Mileage Run ITA Matrix


Austin to LAX – Delta- #FlightDeal or #MileageRun – Nov 2014 – $216 R/T – 3.9 CPM – #SkyTeam

Interested in a quick redeye mileage run on a Friday evening after work? There seems to be a flurry of MRs for Texas folks on Delta this week. Not many dates available with the lowest fare by other dates and/or trip lengths can be had for a bit more. This is a follow up to my Houston to LAX post yesterday.

Sample Departure Date: Fri, Nov 14, 2014

Sample Return Date: Sat, Nov 15, 2014 (redeye, no hotel stay needed)

Airline: Delta

CPM:  3.9 CPM 

Total Base Mileage Earned: 5,504 CPM


Total Roundtrip Fare: $216




Houston to LAX – Delta- #FlightDeal or #MileageRun – Nov 2014 – $202 R/T – 3.8 CPM – #SkyTeam

This is a quick turnaround mileage run from Houston to LAX via Atlanta in Delta Economy on a Friday afternoon with a red-eye return in less than 24 hours. Not many dates available with the lowest fare by other dates and/or trip lengths can be had for a bit more.

Sample Departure Date: Fri, Nov 14, 2014

Sample Return Date: Fri, Nov 14, 2014 (arrive Nov 15)

Airline: Delta

CPM:  3.8 CPM 

Total Base Mileage Earned: 5,256 CPM


Total Roundtrip Fare: $202




Lounge Review: The Club at ATL


The Club at ATL Entrance

On my trip to San Francisco earlier this week, I found myself with a somewhat long layover in Atlanta and decided to check out The Club at ATL in the International Terminal. The Club at ATL is not affiliated with a particular airline and touts themselves as a value-conscious, yet attractive and modern airport lounge. While they do have arrangements with a few international airlines such as Lufthansa, most visitors are purchasing day passes or have access through the Priority Pass program.

I arrived on my redeye flight from the West coast around 6:30 AM and headed directly over to the International Terminal where many of the lounges are located on the Mezzanine level. I checked in with the front desk and purchase a day pass for $35. For an airport lounge day pass, it’s a very competitive price.


The Club at ATL Mezzanine

Mezzanine Level of the International Terminal

There are 2 seating areas with the larger main room and which includes the bar and a secondary seating lounge with a bit more privacy. In the main seating area, there is a coffee and tea bar along with the food buffet. It was the early morning so I found the food selection to be quite limited. There was only a few pastries and some whole fruit. If you are looking for the espresso, you will find it hidden in the secondary seating area. While it was too early to enjoy a cocktail, it was nice to know there’s plenty of options at the bar. I spent just under 3 hours in the lounge and there were only 2 other guests the whole time. It wasn’t exactly peak hours though.


The Club at ATL Seating

Main Seating Area

The Club at ATL Espresso

Espresso anyone?

The Club at ATL Sunrise

Nice Sunrise over the “Fly Delta Jets” Billboard

I had a very long day of travel ahead of me and since I  has just gotten off the redeye, freshening up seemed like a great idea. The front desk staff must let you into the shower facilities as they are kept locked. By airport standards, they are quite clean. I enjoyed a warm shower and changed into fresh clothes. I had my own toiletries with me so I didn’t need to request any toiletries but they don’t stock many items in the bathrooms. There were however, plenty of towels to be had.

The Club at ATL Washroom

Just Like a Spa?

The Club at ATL Shower

Plenty of Towels

Overall, I thought The Club at ATL was a nice lounge a great alternative to the traditional carrier lounges. I did find the service to be a bit dull and I had to head to the front desk for just about everything. I also would like to have seen a better food selection in the morning as there was not a lot of substance. I’ve heard they have better food later in the day. But in the end, for $35, it was a great way to pass the time and board my next Delta flight feeling very refreshed.

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