Interested in Beijing? 4.8 CPM – Delta – #MileageRun – ORD to PEK – November 2014 – $663 R/T

Great fare to Beijing  in late November 2014 from Chicago. Limited availability in latter half of November. Slightly higher fares available in proceeding weeks. This one won’t last!

Chicago to Beijing:

Sample Departure Date: Sun, Nov 23, 2014

Sample Return Date: Thu, Nov 27, 2014

Airline: Delta

CPM: 4.8 CPM

Total Base Mileage Earned: 13,690 miles


Total Roundtrip Fare: $664





4.1 CPM+ – American/Delta – #MileageRun – SJC to BOS (and Reverse) – Early September 2014 – $244 to $269 R/T

Great transcontiential fares in September 2014 between San Jose and Boston. Limited availability originating in Boston. Calendar is more open originating in San Jose. Both weekend and weekday dates available.

San Jose to Boston:

Sample Departure Date: Sep 13, 2014

Sample Return Date: Sep 15, 2014

Airline: Delta

CPM: 4.1 CPM

Total Base Mileage Earned: 5,822 miles

Routing: Nonstop, SJC-LAX-BOS-LAX-SJC

Total Roundtrip Fare: $244



Boston to San Jose:

Sample Departure Date: Sep 7 , 2014

Sample Return Date: Sep 9, 2014

Airline: American

CPM: 5.0 CPM

Total Base Mileage Earned: 5,376 miles

Routing: Nonstop, BOS-ORD-SJC-ORD-BOS

Total Roundtrip Fare: $269




5.3 CPM – Delta – #MileageRun – MCO to SAN – Weekend – June 6 to June 9 – $290 R/T

Departure Date: June 6 , 2014

Return Date: June 9, 2014

Airline: Delta

CPM: 5.3 CPM

Total Base Mileage Earned: 5,547 miles

Routing: Nonstop, MCO-MSP-SAN-CVG-MCO

Total Roundtrip Fare: $290




A great weekend transcontinental fare between two holiday destinations, Orlando and San Diego. Various dates available in early June. Available in reverse direction the last week of May on Alaska for $298.

My Latest Mileage Run: DFW-ATL-SFO-SEA-ATL-DFW

Mileage Run Dates: 5-10-2014 to 5-11-2014

Airlines: Delta, Alaska


This last weekend I recently completed another Mileage Run on Delta/Alaska in about 24 hours. I found myself at SFO for the 3rd time in about 6 weeks due to work and personal trips plus this mileage run.

I’ve opted to move my mileage strategy away United to Alaska as many other points addicts are doing. I’m sure all of you have been reading a lot in the blogs lately with favor towards Alaska’s Mileage Plan. Being that I live in Dallas, I often find myself the odd one out by avoiding American Airlines. American by far dominates the D/FW market although their fares are not mileage run friendly and their customer service is certainly lackluster. However, I am taking full advantage of banking both American and Delta flights to Alaska’s Mileage Plan to my advantage.

Delta seems to have some great transcontinental fares lately in both Economy and First. I’ve been traveling in a mixture of cabins depending on the cost per mile. While I don’t care much for ATL as an airport, for mileage runs, it’s a great way to accrue a lot more elite-qualifying miles when headed from D/FW to the West Coast. Plus, I love Delta’s customer service in general, even though SkyMiles has gone down the toilet. I also have been taking advantage of the “frenemy” situation in Seattle between Alaska and Delta. With all the bonus miles promotions, I am using these to bank up extra points.

I flew in mixed cabins on this mileage run, First on the first 2 segments and Economy on the last 3 segments. All of the flights except SFO to SEA were very full  and the segment from ATL-SFO was oversold. They asked for volunteers and of course I ran right up there for re-booking and compensation. They initially offered $400. Unfortunately due my connection onto Alaska, they wouldn’t allow me to volunteer. You know as a mileage runner, I felt quite defeated!

I connected onto Alaska which always has reliable, friendly service. It was a short flight to Seattle but I was seated in the first row of Economy (Seat 6A) which had decent leg room. There was nobody in the middle seat so I had lots of space to spread out. Upon arriving in Seattle, we were a bit delayed and it was a long walk from the Alaska gate to the Delta gate and I thought I was going to board late. However, the flight to ATL was slightly delayed. I find the 767 one of the more comfortable plans in economy for a redeye and I got some decent rest on the way to ATL. I managed this even with a flight full of teenage girls on a school trip. I made it onward to DFW to end a long loop around the country.

Overall, it was a fairly painless journey and a great mileage run with mixed cabins and a great double mileage bonus on Alaska. However, I still can’t get over missing that compensation for my overbooked flight. Oh well, you can’t win them all!




The meal in First on Delta, SFO-ATL. Calzone with salad, cheese plate, and chocolate fondant cake.