Welcome to Avion Addiction

 Welcome to Avion Addiction!

Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve been incredibly obsessed with air travel. I’d memorize timetables and beg my mother to take me to LAX to watch the planes take off. When I was 5, my dream job was to work for Southwest Airlines: first as a flight attendant and then work my way up to a pilot. We used to fly from Southern California to Lubbock and back then it was either American West or Southwest to Lubbock.

Now, as an adult, that fascination with air travel continues. It’s now become a very exciting game on maximizing every dollar and every mile. I love researching every segment, every rule, every promotion, and every airline. I love the game and the risk that comes with it but It’s also about seeing the globe and new experiences.

I’ve created Avion Addiction to share my passion and hobby with others. I know there are so many others out there just like me. Follow me to learn more about the air travel “game” and my own personal adventures.

Passionate About Traveling Well and Getting There for (Next To) Nothing.

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